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Exzo Chalk Bags

With an Always-open, stiff rim design, a large opening for large hands, and a fleece lining, our chalk bags are easy to use, and hard to miss when You're pumped and need chalk fast.   

Exzo Chalk Bags

Exzo Chalk Bags

Born of Necessity

The reason for these bags was simple: I needed something different.  Too many times I found myself searching behind my back for my chalk bag, only to struggle to get my hand in and reach the chalk I desperately needed.  For too long I had struggled with undersized bags from major manufacturers.  Not only were their bags too small, but the stiffening around the rim was also poorly designed, and failed to keep the bag fully open.  

I thought to myself, "I make my own gear, I can make a better chalk bag".  I used some Polartec powershield left over from a jacket I had made.  It was perfect.  With a durable, weather-resistant outer, and a soft, fleece-lined interior, it was the ideal chalk bag material.  A ripstop nylon collar, and polyester boning for the rim combine to make a very functional bag.  

compared to others, our bags have wider, always-open mouths for unimpeded access and first-shot hand chalking.  No more fumbling to get chalk while you're on the sharp end. Larger volume bags mean it's easier to pick up chalk or toss around your chalk sock, while also preventing your hand from sticking in the bag.  

Function > Fashion

While no one wants to have an ugly Walmart bag full of chalk hanging off his belt, the way we climbers are, most of us would do it if it worked better.  I know enough climbers that wear ratty old jackets with more duct tape than nylon, or whose pants should have been retired months ago when that chimney battle route out west shredded them like tissue paper (Paul!).  The point is, we use what works.  We value function over fashion.  For that reason, function is the primary design motivator at exzo.  if it looks good, then that's a bonus, but only if it works.  i hope you'll find beauty in our utilitarian design.  

Contact me at my email address for a custom bag, or pick one up in the Birmingham, AL area at First avenue rocks.  

Custom Bags

Custom bags can be made to fit your needs.  The above custom bags were embroidered with initials or climbing team logos.  However, we can also make fully custom designs to fit different needs.  

The Chalk Bucket

The next step is the chalk bucket.  It has been prototyped and is currently being field tested by the local bouldering crowd.  Since i prefer roped climbing, I worked with several local climbers who boulder often to design the ultimate chalk bucket.  With their input, I believe I have designed a pretty special bucket.  We focused on durability, a spill-resistant design, a wide, always-open mouth, and features to make sure the bag always lands right side up when tossed.  So far, reviews have been very positive.  Look for it to be in production soon!